I&PM Consulting Services provides comprehensive construction management consulting services and in particular, contract management.

Our goal is to supplement your team’s expertise with additional insight to ensure your project’s success, whether you are an investor, owner, contractor or engineer.

Irrespective of the size or complexity of the project our team will generate additional value to our clients. Based on our knowledge and experience of having worked on multiple infrastructure projects we will be able to develop solutions, mitigate risk and provide assistance to the daily challenges that investors, owners, contractors and engineers are confronted with throughout the construction process. We see ourselves as your partner you can count on from the initial concept through the pre-construction and construction phase until operation.

Added Value

I&PM Consulting Services can get involved at any stage of a project (Project Development, Pre-construction Phase Construction Phase, Claim Management).

After a discussion with the client and the definition of the client’s objectives an appreciation of the project is executed that consists of:

a) review of the contractual position;

b) a risk evaluation; and

c) definition of entitlements.

A summary report with recommended proposed actions and responsibilities is prepared for our client’s evaluation. In a further discussion with client the tasks are defined and agreed including a time line and budget. During this second phase a continuous communication exchange is agreed to ensure our client’s involvement at all times.

Complementing the previous phases and once the contract is finalized I&PM Consulting Services recommends a lesson learnt analysis which will be beneficial for future projects.

Summarized I&PM Consulting Services sees it’s added value in:

  • Service adapted to specific client needs
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of infrastructure projects
  • Short and continuous communication line
  • Flexibility is our advantage

I&PM Consulting Services SpA fue
constituida en el año 2016.

I&PM Consulting Services SpA was established in 2016. We have asked ourselves. How can the respective parties in the construction business take advantage of the opportunities and benefits available?

Our goal is to transfer the extensive experience and knowledge in infrastructure projects to investors and contractors optimizing the execution time and project cost.

Axel Paul

Managing Partner